About us

About us

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Maria Info Tech Pvt. Ltd is dynamic and young upcoming company situated at Kalyan; Thane Mumbai.

Maria InfoTech as an entire Office Automation, IT Solution, Project Planning and Management provide. We attend to complete customer needs from understanding their requirements.

The key principle of Maria InfoTech work with clients is speaking the same language as them. We are able to translate our client requirements (Dreams) into solution adroitly. The end result is that we deliver optimal solution within time frame.

We at Maria InfoTech Pvt. Ltd., understand time is precious. We also understand that qualities an essential part of our business keeping in thus in mind. We Endeavour to realize project promptly without compromising on quality.


The objective of Maria InfoTech is to fulfill the documented expectations of our client’s requirement using the most appropriate cost effective technology that will suit the client’s needs.


As a unique individual wining client trust and loyalty through satisfying their needs on personalized basis & transforming them into active business collaborates that provide sustained value over long periods of time. We offer a comprehensive range of information technology (IT) services. That meets the diverse needs of our clients at every level.


Maria InfoTech will be achieved the highest level of business value through rapid and intelligent deployment of cost effective Technology Solutions.


We have passion for what we do and commitment to:
  • True relation with clients built on trust and satisfaction
  • Long term profit through good individual and corporate character
  • A thorough understanding of the opportunities and limitations of new technologies
  • Flexibility to deal with change and learn new concept quickly
  • The power of creativity in all aspects of business
  • To earn the trust of our clients by developing and deploying successful web strategies.